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“Vive la Revolution,” by Ava Dadvand

Updated: Mar 17

Vive la Révolution,” by Ava Dadvand

O, what a niche to occupy—

High school ambassador for the trans community,

Revolutionary marquis sent abroad to set man and woman ablaze

For man’s and woman’s and all’s praise!

O, to be the notorious gender anomaly—

Outlier to the data set,

Two to the binary code

That encodes the code of the binary!

O, to follow names with two letters or four or three—

He’s and him’s and they’s and them’s,

Sharp single syllable stabs

To stab at the establishment!

O, to be a tidal wave of reformation—

Titanic gender aberration,

Poison dart of neutralization—

Neutrality is not an option; neutrality is the option!

They; no, he or she will quash your troops,

Segregate into two bathrooms

But when all is said and all is done

Vive la révolution!

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