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Ten Ways To Safely Celebrate The Holidays This Year

The holidays are my favorite time of year, and mostly because of how much people connect with one another during these times (or maybe because of the Christmas music, I can’t decide). Visiting family, exchanging gifts with friends, and traveling was always what I was looking forward to come November and December, but we all know it’s quite different this year.

As unfortunate as it is that we have to stay apart to stay safe, don’t let that dampen your holiday spirit! There are still plenty of ways you can celebrate this holiday season while staying socially distant.

Don’t Leave Your House!

The safest, absolute best way to celebrate the holiday season is to stay home with your immediate family/bubble. Try to avoid traveling of any kind, going to gatherings or parties, or disregarding rules of socially distancing/mask-wearing. Refer to this very throughout guide from the CDC about how you can best stay safe during these times: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays.html

The winter holidays make us all more vulnerable to the virus, so please be extra cautious.

Host a Holiday Movie Night

The best thing about the holidays besides seeing people? The movies!! You can’t deny the rush of nostalgia that the Peanuts holiday specials give you or the magic of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

So what’s better than making yourself a nice warm cup of cocoa, and inviting some friends to a zoom viewing of your favorite holiday film? If you live in the same state, one of you can even drop off a movie viewing kit (full of cookies and hot cocoa of course) to the other attendees.

Do a Zoom Gift Exchange with your Friends

The possibilities for this are endless. It could be themed. It could be white elephant style. If your friend group is smaller, you can all open gifts from one another together. Then after all that, you could watch a holiday movie! Or give a tour of your holiday set-up. Literally, so cute.

Limit Gatherings to Less Than 10 People

For more details on in-person gatherings, refer to the CDC guidelines above to prepare for any sort of socially distanced gathering. But remember, it’s quite cold outside! So maybe ask that friend who has a nice fire pit if you could have a small, socially distant gathering where no one has shown symptoms or been near someone with covid the past 14 days. Party!

Get Extra Festive!

As someone who loves the holiday season, anything holiday-related never fails to cheer me up. Get yourself an advent calendar! Spruce up your menorah! Start planning your intentions board for the new year! Get that ugly sweater you’ve been thinking a lot about! It’ll be good for the economy!

See Some Christmas Lights

Plan to drive out to that fancy neighborhood an hour away that’s known for it’s incredible light displays. Play some Christmas music on the way, and indulge in all the Christmas things! Maybe even stop by Starbucks for a lovely holiday drink…

Many parks also do drive-through light displays that are available (and often free) to the public, so go do a little Google search! Many theme parks are also doing similar things, so go support them!

Bon Appetit Style Cooking Challenge

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s an example:

With either family or friends, challenge yourselves to follow the same recipe with the instructions from only one person (can be holiday-related or nah). Then at the end, you can compare your creations! Did they turn out great, or horribly wrong?

Holiday Craft Night

Pick some crafts that y’all wanna do together, and then maybe even send them to each other when they’re done! This is a great activity for families, friends, and especially kids! There are great holiday craft ideas online, trust me there is no shortage of fun ones.

Decorate Your Neighborhood

Trust me, this is so fun, and you get so many smiles while you’re doing it. Go to the dollar store, pick up some sparkly garlands and wrap them around poles in your neighborhood. It makes any stop sign much easier to not ignore (I’m looking at you Los Angeles drivers).

If you end up doing this, send your decorations to theradmagconnect@gmail.com!! We would love to see.

And Whatever You Do, Don’t Lose That Holiday Spirit

Avoid those Grinch-y feelings! Although it’s not the same holiday season we know and love, remember what this time of year is all about. Celebrating the connections we’ve made, and welcoming the possibilities the new year holds for us.

We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your Covid-safe holiday celebrations! And when in doubt about your plans, refer back to the CDC guidelines to be sure you are being as careful as you can. Stay safe, sending love!

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