• Oona Lulu

“Ode to Shutdown Los Angeles,” by Oona Lulu

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I count moments in Los Angeles like

Dying breaths.

Bellies rumble like earthquake shakes,

what a mighty force she beckons,

we all want less of her fault and more

Of her quiver,

We want your surrender, Los Angeles. Give us your “booms” “busts” and figures.

Give us your natural desert suntanned glow.

Your roots gentrified. Nature is not nurture,

When our nature is to poison.

Don’t walk down Hollywood Blvd without

glaring at the buildings

empty and higher than the man sleeping on the grounded stars,

Why do I walk past him like that?

I am fiend, fake, fetishized Los Angeles;

I breathe smoke like oxygen,

My steps fume fossil fuel,

How did we put these streets on a prescription for disaster

That not even earthquakes can fix?