• Oona Lulu

Meet Ceramicist Lily B. Stevenson, our MARCH FEATURED FRIEND

Our featured friend of the month is Lily B. Stevenson (she/her). She is a ceramicist from New York City and is currently a Smith College student. She is a dear friend of mine, and I can only speak highly of who she is and of her many talents. She has kindly written a little about herself below, including her vision of what a queer future looks like. If you are reading this, pause what you're doing and FOLLOW HER INSTAGRAM! @lilybravy or @lily.mov ;)


My name is Lily B. Stevenson (she/her), and I’m a ceramicist from New York City. I’m currently attending Smith College as a film & media studies major, and I’m also the president of the Smith ceramics club. I first started working with clay in junior year at my arts high school in Vermont, and since then I’ve probably spent a couple of hundred hours in ceramics studios.

There’s a lot of reasons why I love ceramics. I feel connected to my entire body when I throw on the wheel because it forces me to be entirely intentional with every movement I make. I also love being able to make something and then use it indefinitely; ceramics is as much an art to me as it is a useful exercise of making things I need. Pottery represents both beauty and practicality; what more could I ever want?

My hope for a queer future definitely exists alongside my hope for a future where art and music is valued. I envision a future where people can truly and freely express themselves however they wish to, and maybe even a world where that expression is enough to keep us alive and happy.


Remember to follow her on Instagram @lilybravy and @lily.mov !!!


Oona Lulu <3