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Cloe Wilder’s New EP “Teenage Lullabies” and Her Thoughts On Social Media and Authenticity

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

In February I had the pleasure of sitting down with singer-songwriter Cloe Wilder. She met me with a bright smile and relentless enthusiasm, along with the most fabulous sweater covered in crochet cherries and matching cherry earrings.

At 15-years-old, Cloe is releasing her first EP “Teenage Lullabies,” a seven-track journey through teenage heart-throbs and chasing the thrill of love.

Although she has been producing music since the age of 11 and has released many singles on Spotify, she was most excited to release “Teenage Lullabies.”

Cloe recounted how putting out single after single quickly got tiring, and by the time she released it, she was unsatisfied with the work she was putting out. But the narrative shifted with the release of “Teenage Lullabies.” “I finally feel like a real person,” remarked Cloe.

At the beginning of her career, Cloe found herself caught in trying to appeal to what was trendy instead of creating a stronger connection with herself first. In her music now, she values the authentic connection she has built between herself and her art.

Regarding her growth as an artist, “I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t like. I’ve let it completely consume me, and I think the music is better than ever for me, right now especially since I’ve learned so many valuable lessons since the EP.”

Releasing an EP wasn’t an easy process. Cloe found herself struggling with the need to keep up on social media, doing promotional posts, virtual concerts, and staying connected with fans.

Although she recognizes social media as a valuable tool, she knows when it’s time to step away. “When you’re not having a good day, the last thing you wanna do is post. I like to keep that part separate because I need that time for me. But I’ve learned to be more honest on social media too, and not posting when I’m having a horrible day.”

Cloe finds herself battling with authenticity online and how she can be more genuine in the online space. She wishes that social media was more honest, and is working on being more genuine herself.

She recounted the days of throwing big release parties for her singles, and how it felt strange not to be celebrating as she usually would for “Teenage Lullabies.” She misses the roaring applause after a performance, and although her mom tries her best to compensate, it’s just not the same.

While balancing online school, a music career, and social media, Wilder is focused on what brings her happiness. Cloe says that writing music will never seem like work for her, and even if she didn’t have a growing base of fans, she would always be writing music. She says that people enjoying her music feels like a bonus to what she already loves to do, and is so grateful for all the support from her mom and her team.

Wilder teased her upcoming music as more “folksy” and narrative-based, and cannot wait to share what’s in store.

You can stream “Teenage Lullabies” on Spotify and iTunes. Be sure to watch the dreamy, coming-of-age music video for “I Wanna Be Alone With You” on YouTube.

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