• Oona Lulu

A Note on This Month’s Theme: Rejoice

I debated on this month’s theme a lot. This year has been full of a lot. Chaos, turmoil, fear, sadness, and anger. I questioned if I should make the issue theme about closure, or struggle. But I knew that’s not something I wanted this space to represent.

Upon founding Rad Mag, I had a goal in mind to combat other forms of already existing media. Although essential, it’s overwhelming, and we all need a peaceful place to come back to. One that recognizes what’s happening and offers support. So this month, I want us all to rejoice together.

YOU made it through this year, WE made it through. And that’s something to celebrate. Something to rejoice about! Let’s rejoice for the people who have hope in their hearts, the people who have given so much, and the people who despite everything kept positively persevering. Rejoice about you, and all your wonderful parts. You are always worth rejoicing about, especially after this year.

Give yourself a big hug. Whatever is to the right of you, give that/them a hug too. Put on your favorite song, and rejoice!

Much love,

Oona Lulu

#december2020 #rejoice #theradmag