• Oona Lulu

A Note on This Month’s Theme: ACTION

This year is, and forever will be, a year that we truly experienced together. I don’t think we ever will have a year quite like this one, and I hope we won’t ever have to again. It was exhausting, stressful, and horribly anxiety-provoking.

We’ve all become numb to this unfortunately. We’re all tired, and conditioned for the next horrible headline. But what I never failed to see, was someone who cared.

ACTION manifests itself in different ways. Protesting, marching, waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth. Everyday is full with action, whether intentional or not. You are full of ACTION!!!

This is something I have to intentionally remind myself of everyday.

ACTIONs lead us towards lessons, towards changes, and moments. If I’ve learned anything from this year, it’s that the ACTIONs we do together create a less lonely world. The ACTIONs we do for ourselves create a less lonely world. The ACTIONs we do for another person create a less lonely world.

You are never alone, and look at all the beautiful things we’ve done together, for ourselves and for each other!

Although a short note for this month, I wanted to leave the space open for your reflection on this year. What ACTIONs have you done (big and small)? How have you created ACTION?

Much love,

Oona Lulu xoxo