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23 Small Business You Need To Shop At This Holiday Season

Now more than ever, it is essential to be supporting small businesses this holiday season. While it’s much easier to shop corporate and order all your gifts from Amazon, small businesses give a personal touch to your holiday gifts that are unforgettable (better yet, you can hand make your gifts with all your talents!).

To make your holiday gifting easier, here are Rad Mag’s small business shopping picks that will blow your recipients away!


Doe Lashes

A California based fake eyelash brand that is known for it’s wearability, it’s quality and silky texture. You will barely even feel like you’re wearing lashes! Perfect for any beauty guru, makeup extraordinaire, or stunning individuals in your life.

Rosen Skincare

A black-owned skincare company with extraordinary results with combatting acne. Most known for their “Break-Out” Treatment stick and “Gold Tides Toner,” any skincare fanatic will be obsessed.

We Are Fluide

A vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetics company that’s focused on making makeup accessible for all skin colors and gender identities. With everything from glitter to nail polish, you can find any kind of product for your recipients taste. Cannot say enough positive things about this brand! Amazing!


Beautiful press-on nails ranging from matte colors to glittery Christmas themed claws, all at a great price! You may also request a custom set.


Gemni Shop

A black-owned clothing line well-known for their stunning rompers that show off all those curves. They also have a collection of trendy tops, dresses and earrings that can upgrade any wardrobe.

Wasi Clothing

A Los Angeles based business run independently by Bolivian-American Vanessa Acosta. Truly, all the love and soul is in this all handmade, sustainable business. There is no shortage of stunning pieces. The design of the fabrics are vibrant and colorful, guaranteed to become a staple of any wardrobe.

Big Bud Press

Another Los Angeles based business that is one of my favorites! Known for their colorful jumpsuits and pants, this queer-owned business is a pioneer in the fashion industry. You will seriously want to buy their entire website. Perfect gift for that light in your life!

Shea Butter Apparel

An Etsy, black-owned business based in Chicago featuring thoughtfully designed Black Lives Matter gear, ranging from sweatshirts to masks.



Although there is no shortage of resin businesses on the Internet, ChunkiBoi stood out to me with their designs. Order quick, because their stock is almost out! They’ve got everything from mirrors to earrings and room decor, perfect for anyone looking for unique holiday gifts.


The Neighborhood Trading Co.

Tik Tok sensation The Neighborhood Trading Co. offers no shortage of good vibes. Austin (the store owner) has an incredible curated collection of unique and trendy gifts. You know those friends that are hard to shop for? Well look no further, because The Neighborhood has what you need. Love you Austin!

Nico and Bullitt

A store that’s truly a blast to the vintage past! With an incredible selection of 60s and 70s pieces, you are guaranteed to find something for that funky friend with the great style. Make sure to check out the decor section as well, stunning!

Fabulously Feminist

Perfect gifts for that activist friend of yours, with a very well designed collection! With an endless array of activist gear, you will also be happy to know that the business is eco-friendly! Seriously, their stuff is gorgeous and so well designed. Definitely going to get a “queer magic” pin to treat myself…. Self-care y’all.


A Philadelphia based Etsy artist who makes posters! Zines! Prints! And more! I’m a huge fan of their “black queer ancestors” print collection. Their art is gorgeous, and no doubt will look gorgeous on that elaborate wall collage your friend spent hours on. Also, they sell amazing zines!! There is no shortage of magic from this seller.


Gorgeous prints and art pieces from artist Shadra Strickland. Their pieces are dreamy, heartwarming and magical, perfect for any artist in your life. My favorite has to be “Peach,” which will definitely be hanging on my wall someday!



I created this section specifically so I could highlight these DELICIOUS looking cookies. I mean, look at that. Makes me want to melt. Perfect for those foodies in your life, or if you’re completely unsure of what to get that random family member. I mean.. These look ridiculously good.


Lil Bun Shop

Aesthetic OVERLOAD. This shop sells aesthetic af pins, beautifully designed earrings, and even MUSIC BOXES. I mean, come on. This business is a cuteness overload, with perfect gifts for any friend that loves those good good aesthetics.


Have that stationary lover in your life? Well, I’ve found you a jackpot honey. Paperkumaco has the most adorable stickers and stationary gear that will ador-ify any planner. They also have great bundle deals, so more bang for your buck!


Run by a full-time college student, this one-woman business is perfect for any lover of frogs, like seriously. There is so much frog stuff. You can even join a frog cult, the perfect holiday surprise! I cannot express how much I love this shop, but go quick! Things are selling fast! If it were the Hunger Games, and I had to run and grab one thing from this shop to survive, it would definitely be the frog marching band pin.


Yet another Etsy shop, because seriously if you’re not shopping on Etsy you’re missing out. This small business specializes in adorable cottagecore prints and clay pins + jewelery. I just bought the “Bee Tea Time” print recently for my friend’s dorm, and oh my gosh it’s to die for. Seriously, this whole shop is one big serotonin boost. There’s also a great clearance bin that’s running out quick!!


Such a fantastic Etsy shop! Their bee plushies are definitely my favorite, and you CANNOT miss out on the snail and bee washi tape. This shop has the perfect gifts for that just plain adorable person in your life who gives you nature fairy energy.


This incredible artist not only makes prints and stickers, but backpacks, mugs and laptop cases! This shop is so adorable, and their “Black Hairstyles” print is perfectly elegant and equally cute to compliment any wall art.


An adorable Etsy artist for that witchy, cottagecore person in your life! The aesthetic just warms your heart, their whole shop is so dreamy! They have everything from sticker sheets to stationary sheets, and did I mention the prices are ridiculously low??? Seriously, a steal!

Short Stems

This amazing small business designs beautiful vases/pots for plants out of cans. The great thing about this business is that they’ve partnered with a food pantry in NYC, so all the food in the cans is donated to the pantry! Their products are stylish and beautiful, and perfect for any plant lover. They’re also extremely affordable, and come from a great cause.

You have reached the end of this very long list! We hope that this was helpful, and encouraged you to shop small this holiday season! Finally, it would mean the world if you could support The Rad Mag! We will be setting up a donations page soon where you can show your support for this magazine and it’s contributors!

Happy Holidays all, stay safe!

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