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2021 Teen Fashion Trends You Can’t Miss

Teen fashion is always changing, and often it’s hard to keep up. But, it’S a NeW yEaR, so it’s time for all us fashion folks to frantically reassess our closets, or obsessively create Pinterest inspiration boards, or just hold on to last year’s style proudly.

So whether you’re like me, who is trying to improve their style constantly (with comme ci, comme ça success), or you’re always on top of it for some reason (what’s your secret?), here are my trendy picks for teen fashion trends in 2021 that you’ll want to look out for.

1. Floral Patterns


You are definitely gonna want to hold on to your cottage core-dream impulse buys folks, because floral designs are not going anywhere.

Petite, flower and botanical prints are still all the rage. It’s sophisticated and youthful look is timeless and effortless. And let’s face it, you feel magical. At least I do.

Floral tule is also quite in style, most commonly paired with a pastel color palette.


Take for example this skirt folks have been recreating.

With some semblance to “the strawberry dress”, the floral tule is charming and elegant, and elevates any outfit into a royal dream.

Floral/botanical designs can be dressed both up and down, making the perfect addition to a wardrobe that needs to suit many different needs (or not many at all). So all I’m saying is that you’ve gotta have it, you look adorable!

2. Quilted Jackets

This one is a little more niche in my opinion, but it’s definitely a fabulous staple. Related to the growing trend of quilted jackets is patchwork, which I will talk about later with patchwork/two-toned jeans.


But patchwork is not new to us, I mean did you see the Harry Styles cardigan obsession? And with young people finding “old people” fashion so appealing, quilted jackets aren’t too surprising.

They’re cute, they’re funky, and you could probably ask your grandma to make one for you. I’d even say the quilted jacket is a close relative to the puffer jacket, which I don’t think is going away any time soon.


The quilted jacket opportunities are endless, and personally, I’m a sucker for snuggling up in a grandma quilt, so a grandma quilt jacket? I’m sold.

The most popular style of quilted jacket mimics that of a cardigan, and a good cardigan will never go out of style (If you catch my T. Swift drift).

Here’s another that’s less of a statement piece, and it’s pretty darn cute. See what I meant by a close relative to the puffer jacket?

Great for if you’re going for auntie vibes, someone you can always hug vibes, sophisticated vibes, cozy vibes. All around, a great comfort piece.

3. Leather Anything

Trust me on this one. I hear the fashion deities whispering in my ear.

https://www.pixiemarket.com/collections /whats-new/products/chain-link-knit-bolero?mc_cid=78e4045f76&mc_eid= 3e51010eee&utm_source=p interest&utm_medium=social

I’m not too big of a leather trench-coat fan myself (high school was weeeiiirrrddd), but they have quite the presence in the fashion world.

Something you can never go wrong with a is stylish (and powerful) pair of leather pants, or a vintage biker jacket.

With leather, it’s all about confidence. Don’t have the confidence yet but still really love that leather thing you saw? But please just get it, trust me. (And besides, you’re the baddest b*tch I’ve ever seen! Now say it back!)

Camille Jansen, uploaded by @r4anda on Pinterest

Leather serves eleganza, mystery… she’s giving you secret-agent, she’s serving “wow what a dope alt person rocking leather.”

If you prefer not to wear leather, and would prefer synthetic leather instead, I’ve attached an article from Vogue HERE, offering valuable information about leather alternatives, the benefits and the environmental impact.

4. Tie Dye and Matching Sets

Okay you’re going to want to hop on this one real quick. Tie dye is all the rage right now, especially in more pastel palettes. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to buy tie dye clothes! You can always DIY!

What’s really “in” right now is a more cloudy looking tie dye, like you’ve painted a sky on your pants. It’s gorgeous, it’s stunning, it’s super cute.



Did I mention it’s the perfect matching set too? Matching sets are already in style, especially monochrome looks being the perfect look to show up anywhere in.

Most commonly in the sweat-pant and crop top combo, you can always mix it up in your own unique way. My friend and cover-artist of the month Tyris Winter even sews his own matching sets, a few of which you can see on his Instagram and TikTok. Therefore, he is perfect inspiration for your next DIY.

5. Two Toned Denim and Clothing


This is quickly rising in popularity, and is such a funky 80’s-esque look. The two-tones mixes up an outfit in such a fun and subtle way, making your outfit look quite effortless. The two-tone denim basically does the work for you.


But this trend does not only apply to denim, but a variety of other fabrics and clothing as well. Two toned shoes is a good example.

Additionally, I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon. I feel like it will fall into more permanent styles that become timeless.

6. Corset Tops

I am such a fan of this trend. It’s so elegant and fashion-forward, and I love how with the growth in popularity of corset tops, many folks have debunked myths about corsets in the process (ie. Bernadette Banner).


There are also many different styles to choose from, my favorite being the style above. Seriously if you’ve been wanting a corset top, go out (on the web, because y’know Covid) and get yourself one babe! I have a feeling they’ll be around for a while.

7. Chunky Shoes


Remember when the emo/alt kids in high school used to be made fun of because of these shoes? (And that’s a whole other conversation). Well, how the tables have turned.

Chunky shoes are fabulous in every way. Although maybe a little hard to walk in at first, it’s definitely worth the style points.

And there is no limit to styles, because it seems like every kind of shoe is now made in a chunky style.

@flaming_cheeto, https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/p/24191001#

For example, sandals, boots, high heels, sneakers, canvas shoes, you name it. I’ve always been such a fan of these shoes, and I think they can easily elevate any outfit.

8. (Bonus!) Princess Fantasy

Okay this isn’t entirely clothing related, but I thought I should put y’all on this anyways. The princess dream fantasy aesthetic is gaining ground super quickly, and I am so optimistic for this trend.

Arabella, @bitchimdior, https://weheartit.com/entry/326098703

Princess dresses, royal jewelry, everything! Pay attention to royalcore, princesscore aesthetics, in both fashion and interior design. Both are on the rise everywhere you look! Live that fantasy babe.

For some more teen fashion and style inspiration, go to our Pinterest for 2021 fashion tips and inspiration!

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