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12 Things Gen Z Learned from 2020: The Good, The Bad and The Revolutionary

I mean what HAVEN’T we learned from 2020?

This year was nothing short of chaotic. I don’t think I need to explain why I say this. Many of the lessons we learned were major surprises, involuntary, or lessons we should’ve learned a long time ago. Now I can only speak for my generation, but these lessons can extend to older generations as well.

So indulge me as I break down what a ride this year was, and what we can take into the future with us (along with what we should leave behind).

  1. Things are done better when we come together.

I think it goes without saying that Gen Z has accomplished SO MUCH this year, all from our phones. We have pranked the President of the United States. We called our congresspeople, senators, state and federal offices in swarms. We organized revolutions. We wrote an entire musical that’s now going on Broadway.

Our resilience this year just proves how strong of a generation we are. Nothing can stop us, because we are all done with waiting around for things to happen for us. (But of course, remember to rest).

  1. Don’t wait to chase your dreams.

This year, we saw gen z quit their jobs in swarms. We saw them drop out of college to pursue music, we saw them move across the country, we saw them drop everything to do what makes them happy. And I couldn’t be more proud!

Everything could be gone in a blink of an eye. Like in March, everything we had known changed before we could even realize how serious COVID-19 really was. But with all this time at home, gen z has learned not to take anyone’s bullsh*t anymore, and that if they’re really going to be fulfilled, they must do what makes them happy, not what makes everyone else happy. You go!! 

  1. Don’t be complacent

We’ve learned that complacency is violence. That lives are being taken every day for pointless reasons, reasons that are completely avoidable, and reasons that we can blame on broken systems that need reform and abolishment.

We’ve learned to not be afraid to call our government out on their shortcomings. We took to the streets and demanded justice. We sent postcards and emails and letters and signed petitions. More than any other generation, we understand the importance of our voices and our futures, because the adults sure aren’t doing enough for us.

Silence is violence, and we are damn loud.

  1. When we neglect ourselves, we wreck ourselves

This is a rest-stop. Did you drink water today? Did you tell yourself you are loved, and beautiful? Did you eat some good food? What do you need to do today to take care of yourself? You should go do that thing right now. Okay good. We can continue now.

  1. The future is never guaranteed

Stop planning, start doing! If we’ve ever had time to realize this, it’s definitely now. The future is not entirely in our control, but that’s powerful in and of itself.

We’ve learned that because the future is never guaranteed, there are infinite opportunities for change and betterment. We are in control of the ways we choose to react to the world and the options it gives us. I think our generation is strong because we have faith in one another to uphold this truth.

  1. Too much power is terrifying

I think this is self-explanatory. We’ve seen way too many abuses of power, and we know it has to end.

  1. Your identity is magic, embrace who you are babe

Gen Z is not taking b.s. from ANYONE. I am so proud that our generation is the most expressive, the most revolutionary, the most unapologetically themselves! We are precious beings.

We have learned how to GLOW, and have set the standard for the generations to come. We are queer, we are of color, we are of disability, we are of all kinds of beauty, we are of gender-fluidity.

  1. We are gullible.

Don’t tell me you believe everything you see on Tik Tok. While we have the power of social media at our fingertips, be wary, and remember to check your facts and do your research! While yes many people online are being honest and true, we have also learned that many are not (unfortunately). Stay informed babes!

  1. Cancel Culture is complicated

So complicated that I barely even keep track anymore. We have seen how quickly people jump onto the cancel train, and then jump straight off.

The Internet is quick, and the power of it is sometimes very consequential. Although it’s necessary to keep people accountable for their actions, you can’t deny that the snail situation went a little too far…

  1. Don’t take anything for granted

With the pandemic and world events happening at an unbelievable speed, we’ve seen how quickly things can be taken away from us.

We’ve learned to not take our health for granted, our family and friends for granted, or our lives for granted. We are more grateful than ever for what we have. They say we are wise beyond our years, but that’s come at a great price.

  1. To have patience

Not everything comes to us in an instant. We have learned to be patient, waiting for this pandemic to be over, for our lives to be somewhat normal again. We have learned to be patient with people, with family, with friends, with pets.

We have also learned that not everything can be dealt with patience, but most things can.

  1. It’s okay to ask for help

And finally, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s strong to ask for help. And gen z has got your back (especially the girls and the gays). You are sacred, your health is worth it, your well-being is well-deserved honey.

Ask for help! You are worthy! Always!

All I can say is that I am extremely proud to be gen z, and I love being the generation that’s already changing the world. Keep shining y’all wildin’ girlies.

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