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Welcome to THE RAD MAG*

An online magazine and community for LGBTQ+ youth creatives. 

The Rad Mag was founded in 2020, in the midst of the  Covid-19 pandemic. Founder Oona Lulu (19, a Gemini) was endlessly inspired and uplifted by the works of young queer artists during those dark times, which led to the creation of The Rad Mag. Based in Los Angeles, The Rad Mag exists to amplify the voices and creations of young queer folks to create a safe, positive online experience and community. 


Submit your work for online publication, ask for advice, and scroll through a blog that centers the young, queer experience. We are happy you've found us! You're super rad. 

* In no way are we associated with the Rad Fem organization. We do not support what they stand for.