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Tyris Winter (he/they) is a Los Angeles based queer artist, fashion icon and literal legend. His poetry and performance art is filled with power and light, projecting ethereal energy wherever they go. They are the voice of the future for queer youth and they work tirelessly to create positive, inspiring works of art for queer folks. You can support his vision of queer joy at @winterissues on Instagram. 

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An online magazine and publication for the radical and radiant young, queer artists of the future.  

The RAD MAG was founded in 2020, in the midst of  the Covid-19 pandemic. Our founder Oona Lulu was endlessly inspired and uplifted by the works of young queer artists during those dark times, which led to the creation of the RAD MAG. Submit your work for online publication, ask for advice, and scroll through a blog that centers the young, queer experience. We're happy you've found us!

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